“So….how do you fund all that work?” It’s another common question and easier to answer than the first. We’re extremely fortunate to have dedicated sources of funding from some of our partners, and to have received significant amounts of grant funding over the years. A summary follows:

Annual funding is provided by:
Wayne County
Pike County
Paupack Twp.
Palymyra Twp. (Pike)
Brookfield Renewable for Water Monitoring

This funding covers most of the daily operations of LWWMD. It’s the bulk of our operating expenses, but it isn’t enough to fund projects that keep pollution out of the lake. Any other funding is secured through donations or grants. Over the past few years we’ve been able to use most of the donation money to directly fund BMPs. Grants have become scarce in the current economic climate but are another source we have successfully used over the years. Future plans at LWWMD include establishing our own fundraisers to help make more BMPs possible. Frankly, we need your financial support to continue protecting the lake.