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The Lake Wallenpaupack Watershed Management District is a 501 (c)(3), non-profit corporation working to protect, maintain, and enhance water quality in Lake Wallenpaupack and its watershed. We are responsible for monitoring water quality in the lake, providing education to residents and visitors, and facilitating the installation of Best Management Practices (BMP’s) to prevent the flow of pollutants into Lake Wallenpaupack. The “Big Lake”, as it’s known locally, is a 5,700 acre impoundment in the Pocono Mountains region of Pennsylvania. Built by PPL Corporation in 1926 as a hydroelectric project, Lake Wallenpaupack has played a vital role in the economic development of the entire region.

The lake serves as the border of two counties and its 219 square mile watershed drains parts of four counties and fourteen municipalities. Due to its proximity to the New York Metropolitan area and the greater Lehigh Valley, Lake Wallenpaupack has become a major tourism and recreation destination. This proximity to urban areas has also facilitated significant growth during the past few decades relating to seasonal homes and commuters. During the time period from 1970 through 2000, the population of the watershed municipalities grew by 173%. It was during this time period that water quality issues began to manifest themselves and threaten the local tourism-based economy. In 1979, the Lake Wallenpaupack Watershed Management District (LWWMD) was formed to reach across political boundaries and assist the watershed community in addressing pollution in Lake Wallenpaupack.

Over $5 Million in grants and donations have been secured since 1979 and put directly into research and projects that protect Lake Wallenpaupack from pollution. We continue to grow as an organization and look for new funding sources to continue our valuable work. We hope you enjoy visiting our website and learning more about what we do to protect the lake!