Who We Are


Founded in 1979, the Watershed Management District is guided by a group of leaders and stakeholders representing our community. As any non-profit organization, we have a Board of Directors. The Board has evolved over the years in representation and size, striving to give all stakeholders in the region a voice in managing the lake. Our By-Laws specify many of the stakeholders in the region that need to be represented. Our Board includes a County Commissioner from both Wayne County and Pike County; a Township Supervisor from a township in both Wayne and Pike County; a representative from the Wayne Conservation District; a representative from the Pike County Conservation District; a representative from Lake Watch; a representative from Lackawanna County; a representative from Monroe County; a representative from Brookfield Renewable; a representative from a wastewater treatment plant operating in the watershed; a representative from the Marine Trades’ Association; and several At-Large representatives. From those stakeholder groups we form a diverse Board of Directors. We’re twenty individuals-all leaders in our respective fields- representing the diverse population of our entire watershed. We’re elected officials, conservation experts, and educators. We’re builders, bankers, and realtors. We’re farmers, engineers, and business owners. Most importantly, we’re your neighbors. Often times we’re confused with Brookfield Renewable. As the owner of Lake Wallenpaupack, Brookfield has a major role in management of the lake. They provide annual funding for LWWMD’s Water Quality Monitoring program, annual funding for watershed improvement projects, and they provide office space for LWWMD. We work very closely with Brookfield to ensure our management plan is addressing their concerns with water quality, but we are completely separate organizations. We don’t make regulations, nor do we enforce them; and we don’t patrol the lake. Our task and mission is to affect a cultural and societal change in the way people think about the lake and its watershed. We foster a responsible and balanced conservation ethic, educate our residents and visitors, pursue funding for projects and research, and lead by example in managing what happens in our watershed.

We represent the watershed, the people who live here, and those who visit. Our status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity makes it easy for us to work with everyone. So many of our partners are restricted by the political boundaries in which they work. We’re able to cross those boundaries and provide connections and cooperation. Our board members are leaders in their respective fields. As an organization we’re a leader too. We’re leaders in monitoring, education, advocacy, and managing pollution to protect and maintain Lake Wallenpaupack, our watershed, and our quality of life.